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Are you looking for the perfect pieces to complete your jade collection? You'll find everything you need from jade statues to jade jewelry at Jadeore, the leading jade jewelry shop.

Specialists in suit accessories for men and women

We at Suit Monkey are specialists in suit accessories for men and women. The concept is simple everyone values time, and it's irreplaceable, so we have dedicated our own time to collaborate with great brands and put them all in one place.


We pride ourselves in turning our clients into stylish Trendsetters! We find top independent brands offering the most desirable hot ticket items at the highest quality and the lowest cost possible. Start your trend today at MP Advantage Shoppe.


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The Old New generation is a company based in the founding place of Canada, Prince Edward Island. There are a total of 23 beaches on this tiny island and summer vacationers love to come to this place for the perfect beach getaway. The OLD NEW focuses on bringing beauty, fashion, and beach products all in one place to cater for anyone looking to shop for their next vacation.
Experience fashion with passion.


Take on a Unicorn
A unique store where you will find all the unicorn things you can dream of, bringing magic to your life one item at a time. You will find all your unicorn stuff at TAKE ON A UNICORN.
Go from your briefcase to sun on your face, our beach clothing is a "shore" thing to get! We offer a variety of custom sleeveless shirts, sunglasses, swimwear, beach towels and more to make your experience at the beach the best one yet. Before flying off to that dream vacay or a spontaneous getaway, be sure to stock up on plenty of unique beach clothing from BEACH BOUJEE!

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